Sunco is a UK-based vertically integrated system supplier of fashionable and contemporary casualwear to the mid-range price segment for womenswear.

Our collections provide classic and elegant garments for the worldwide ladies-wear market under a number of umbrella brands we have created. Our core product range includes everything from ladies’ knitwear, outerwear, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, dresses, trousers and leisurewear.

With expertise in the industry spanning over three decades, we are renowned in the industry as a business which constantly reacts and adapts to the latest trends and to changes in demand, producing a number of collections every year for each of our product lines.

The Sunco products and collections are epitomised by the quality, value for money, style, attractive design features and perfect fit to contour for various body shapes and sizes.

Our market leading expertise and insight means Sunco has now become a global operation streamlined to meet the client’s needs.

Our Expertise

Sunco Knitwear Ltd is currently based in Leicester, the heart of the UK. Our management boasts over 40 years of experience in the industry.

The daily operations of Sunco are split across our UK, India, China and Bangladesh offices. Our global network includes hand-picked suppliers based in the Far East and other parts of Asia.

Our manufacturing offices abroad are tasked with providing the highest quality products while the UK office mainly stays focused on design and sales.

Since our humble beginnings, Sunco has grown into an enviable position providing quality garments, in a range of fabrics to retail outlets as well as a number of high street stores across the globe.

Products, Process, Quality

Sunco has a clearly defined vision which we aim to meet through commitment and innovation.

We want to become the leading supplier of high quality fashion in our chosen markets.

Our corporate strategy is derived from the vision founded on these following four elements:

  • Innovation: Striving to innovate to ensure that we stay ahead in all aspects of our business.
  • Investment: From employees to manufacturing processes, we are extremely proud of our business model and we are committed to continue to invest.
  • Value Creation Process: Constantly developing new collections and adapting our product portfolio to new or changing trends by means of vertical system integration.
  • Commitment to leading and developing people: Our business is our people. We will continue to nurture and find the best talent to help push the Sunco brand to even greater heights.


This vision aims to establish Sunco as an inspiring fashion supplier with a clear identity and sustainable profitably.


The Sunco success story has been driven by investing in the best design talent coupled with the latest technology. This winning combination is a key component of the firm’s exponential growth over recent years. For example, we encourage the use of trend reach packages such as WGSN which enables us to predict upcoming trends in colour, styles and fabrics.

Our designers play a vital role in this inspiration chain. As a business, we actively encourage our teams to lead the market in trend-setting through reactive story boards, hand sketches and constant research. This allows us to stay on trend within the ever-changing fashion industry.

In addition, the experience, diversity and attention-to-detail of our product design team means we go above and beyond in helping to inspire tomorrow’s fashion movements across the world.

We are driven by creativity, passion and inspiration. We have a dedicated team that solely focuses on creating the look of tomorrow. Furthermore, our versatility also allows us to react quickly to fashion changes.

Our inspiration comes from visiting catwalk shows, current market trends, overseas buying trips, and working very closely with our customers.

Over the years that we have been in operation, we have established strong working relationships on every tier of the fashion industry. From UK based printers, fabric suppliers and designers, we have created a network of inspiration.

Contract Work

For any business operating in a competitive market, it is of paramount importance to find the right partner which satisfies criteria, quality, delivery and goes beyond expectations.

With nearly three decades of experience and a supply network of the highest quality, Sunco has forged a reputation as a preferred supplier to many clients across the world looking for a trustworthy contract work provider.

Our experience, our strong industry standing and our attention to detail means we have become a contract work provider of choice for many global clients.

The ability to design, manufacture, wholesale, import and export for global clients over the years has proven our ability to deliver quality products exceeding customer expectations.

Our company has an international network to ensure smooth processing and on demand advice and guidance through the order cycle. We have a dedicated infrastructure to keep costs low and quality assurance is guaranteed.

Ethical and Social Responsibility

SUNCO is committed to sustainability. We’ve set the precedent for sustainable and ethical manufacturing in all parts of our manufacturing process.

We are a responsible business with the long-term sustainability of the world as one of our overreaching philosophies.

A fundamental aspect of the way in which we conduct business is complying with environmental and social responsibilities. To ensure the proper attention is paid to this concern, we have established core corporate environmental objectives that we adhere to, and which allow us to minimise waste and promote efficiency in all of our business and purchasing decisions.

We further demonstrate these standards by encouraging the use of manufacturers whose policies are compatible with our own. Every supplier that works with us, whether large or small, must adhere to client policies in this area and we welcome new challenges to meet your own expectations.

We take our commitments to ethical and social compliance seriously. This is the reason we are proud members of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) and we incorporate ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) into every fabric of our company to give precedence to these rights.

By adhering to these key principles of ethical and sustainable trading, SUNCO can ensure our business relationships are based on sound principles.

Global Sourcing

At SUNCO, we are committed to quality and innovation. As a result, we are continually exploring new opportunities with new suppliers and factories ensuring that we keep up to date with emerging markets that provide better quality products at better prices.

Currently our supply sources come from China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Turkey, UK and India.

Company Profile

SUNCO was formed in 1989. Managment team with over 40 years of experience.
"Innovation, quality and style for the fashion industry. These are the principles that SUNCO abides by"
Our products are now found on the High Streets across the world. Brands and Collections: Continuous development of our brands and collections.
Global Operations in UK, Bangladesh, India and China.
SUNCO formed in
Over 40 years of experience